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In Space, Every Distress Call is Desperate

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In Space, Every Distress Call is Desperate… Aug 1st, 2005 - (United Kingdom) Deep in hyperspace something has gone wrong. Civilian and military ships are randomly falling out of hyperspace, leaving them stranded, desperate for a way home. Their only hope is a rescue vessel who has been charged with the task of recovering the lost ships and crew as well as finding out what is behind this new phenomena. Jagged Blade Software (www.jaggedbladesoft.com), creators of the Xeno Assault series, is proud to announce their latest sci-fi space shooter, Desperate Space. Hundreds of ships have gone missing and your recovery vessel is all that stands between salvation and the great void. Your journey will uncover a sinister plot by an alien race and put you on the front lines of an intergalactic war. No matter how far behind enemy lines your men are, your job is clear. Their fate lies with you, and your fate lies in the annals of galactic history! Jump into your rescue vessel as you battle and rescue pilots across 6 planets and 32 missions. Battle 20 different enemies including massive cruisers and enemy bosses. Join forces with computer controlled allies who will help you defend your station and complete your objectives. Upgrade your ship with nearly 20 different weapons and alien power-ups or purchase a whole new ship (5 total different ships) and show them just how tough you are! Unlock secret missions by performing well and compete worldwide on the high-score table. The simple mouse-driven controls make this 2D shooter playable by all ages. Every generation needs a hero: Today that hero is you. A single distress signal leads to infinite adventure in Desperate Space from Jagged Blade Software. If you are desperate to see the game, it comes with a free demo of the first two planets. The demo is available from their website at www.jaggedbladesoft.com, as well as additional information about their latest and previous space combat games. About Jagged Blade Software Jagged Blade Software was founded in 2003 and has released four titles in that time including the well known Xeno Assault series. Jagged Blade strives to deliver action-shooters that can appeal to every type of gamer. By using modern graphics and technology the most famous genres of games have been transformed into some of the best action in 2D gaming. For more information check out the website at www.jaggedbladesoft.com.

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