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Maths behind D3DXVec3Project?

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Hello, I am coding a game (using OpenGL), where I need to get the screen coords of one of my 3d objects (mainly to show some text over its head). So I appreciate if someone could help me with the maths behind D3DXVec3Project, or maybe a function like this but for OpenGL. Thanks in advance, Oscar

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I suggest you to Download the Mesa Lib 3.0 Package. There is a source implementation of the gluProject method. So look deep into the GLU package for find how Mesa implements it. Here is a fragment of the code :

/* projection du point (objx,objy,obz) sur l'ecran (winx,winy,winz) */
GLint APIENTRY gluProject(GLdouble objx,GLdouble objy,GLdouble objz,
const GLdouble model[16],const GLdouble proj[16],
const GLint viewport[4],
GLdouble *winx,GLdouble *winy,GLdouble *winz)
/* matrice de transformation */
GLdouble in[4],out[4];

/* initilise la matrice et le vecteur a transformer */
in[0]=objx; in[1]=objy; in[2]=objz; in[3]=1.0;

/* d'ou le resultat normalise entre -1 et 1*/
if (in[3]==0.0)
return GL_FALSE;

in[0]/=in[3]; in[1]/=in[3]; in[2]/=in[3];

/* en coordonnees ecran */
*winx = viewport[0]+(1+in[0])*viewport[2]/2;
*winy = viewport[1]+(1+in[1])*viewport[3]/2;
/* entre 0 et 1 suivant z */
*winz = (1+in[2])/2;
return GL_TRUE;

See also gluUnProject.

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Thanks! thats the kind of info I was looking for : ).

PS: I will take a look at the Mesa Lib 3.0 Package, as you suggest me.

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda leoptimus : )

Best Regards,

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Si, soy de Mexico, y como vi en tu profile que eras de espana : ).

Sobre el Mesa lib, ya lo baje, y me resulto muy util!.

Gracias, y saludos desde Mexico,

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