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What classes should i take?

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chiraggystyle    122
Hi I want to get into the game industry, namely graphics programming. I'm a math major taking the theoretical track instead of applied. I'm also getting a CS minor. All i really wanted to know was what kind of math classes should i try to emphasize during my last two years in the university. So far what im required to take is Algebra, topology, differential geometry, real and complex analysis. And besides all that is whatever else i feel like taking. I was considering focusing on toplogy and differential geometry, and taking things like systems of differential equations. I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to just take more math classes and forget about the CS minor. I'm not really looking for the ultimate solution to guarantee myself into the industry, but more opinions on what you guys think would help. Thanks a lot!

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HAM    176
Linear Algebra is a must.
And your DifEQ class is good.

Really those two (and thier prereqs) are probably the only MUST haves.
And it would do well to know trig like the back of your hand.

But any and all math would help. The more math the better. Maybe even Discrete math is a must have.

Not sure how far you would go into CS for a minor, but you would probably difinitely want a Data Structures course, and a 3D graphics course would be good.

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