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gDEBugger v2.0 Beta is available for download

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This version includes two new profiling views; Performance Graph View and Performance Dashboard View (the Performance Dashboard View is still not operational in this build). These two views are filled up with counters graph of: gDEBugger, operating system, and vendor specific graphic boards (NVIDIA and 3DLabs). For example: CPU/GPU idle, graphic memory consumption, vertex and fragment processors utilizations, number of function calls per frame, Frame per second, etc... We have also replaced our entire docking views and toolbars infrastructure which will, eventually, be much more flexible and customable. The new "Layout Toolbar" will help you customize gDEBugger views and toolbars according to your specific task. This beta version can be downloaded from here. We are aware that not everything is working as it should, but the performance counters graph and dialog should be working. Undocking the graph view will make it more readable. Please note: - In-order to view the NVIDIA counters you will need to install and use the instrumented driver (77.72) and the NVPerfKit. - For the 3DLabs counters you will need to use a Wildcat Realizm graphic board and the latest driver (4.05.0777). More information about the gDEBugger-3DLabs integration is available here. Let us know what you think, we will be happy to receive feedback from you. Regards, The gDEBugger team

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