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Ressources for Arcade SpaceShooter in c#?

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Hi folks, i am seeking tutorials/articles for developing a space arcade action game (spaceship flies towards screen top and fires at everything thats comming from the scrolling background). I know there is a book out there, that covers exactly that topic, but i can't spare more money on books right know (poor student...). I assume i need things like: colision detection, scrolling bg, and so on, but i would really appreciate an article that covers a whole game in that style (i am a noob). If you have any helpfull links please let me know. Thanks for your time!

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Here are some websites you might find helpful:

C# Friends
C# Computing

As for Tutorials, check the GameDev tutorials section, or try this site. I couldnt find anything like what you were asking for im sorry. Perhaps you should check Amazon for a second hand copy of the book.

Good Luck!

Edit: My links were acting a bit weird.

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