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OpenGL Color Map Question

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Hello, im reading RGB data from a bitmap so i can adjust colors in my landscape by coloring in an image in photoshop and all goes well. i've made a plane consisting of simply quads, with in length en width a variable number of quads. i've an bitmap as such; AUX_RGBImageRec *ColorMap; RGB.X = ColorMap->data[index+0]; RGB.Y = ColorMap->data[index+1]; RGB.Z = ColorMap->data[index+2]; en this works fine, i can write some text in bmp en it maps fine onto the grid, but it goes wrong somewhere with te colors. it doesn't work with greens, but red go fine, yellow two, blues are distorted, and a picture of a rainbow gradient is mostly white execpt for te read en yellow parts. It's like opengl cant process some colors correctly of something Who knows what stupid little thing im missing here ??

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