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Standard DIRECTX librarys

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AndrewPL    126
Hi! I'm just wondering... some samples from MS-SDK are using aditional librarys such as "dxstdafx.h" - for example "Skinned_Mesh sample". Is it necessary to use those header files? Can animation be done without them? Maby somebody done it before? thx for answer if any.

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jollyjeffers    1570
The samples use a particular framework that makes development a lot quicker - and also means that (within reason) all of the samples follow the same format/style.

You don't have to use it all, but if you find it makes things easier you can.

In truth, you could probably write a DirectX application with nothing but the core headers - it's just that the extra things (like D3DX, the framework and the GUI tools) make it quicker to get things working [smile]

You might want to have a read of the DXUT Reference pages as they contain a fair bit of information on what parts are actually additional instead of required.


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