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marcin - rem

How to get the surface if I have only pointer to IGraphBuilder?

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Is it possible? The problem is that I have only a pointer to the IGraphBuilder object, and I don't have pointer to IDirectDraw nor IDirectDrawSurface. Is it possible to somehow get the pointer to the surface. I tried to get pointer to IBaseFilter by using the findfilterbyname function of IGraphBuilder, then get the pointer to IDirectDrawVideo by using pointertobasefilter->QueryInterface(IID_IDirectDrawVideo, (void**)&pointertoddvideo) and finally to get pointer to idirectdraw and use createsurface function. Everything would be ok, but queryinterface returns that IBaseFilter doesn't support IDirectDrawVideo interface. I've searched microsoft msdn for information if IBaseFilter supports IDirectDrawVideo interface, but without succes. So I don't even know if it does. Any suggestions. Thanks for any advise.

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