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Another math book recomendation request

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I didn't want to hijack anyones thread, so... Anyway, in 9th grade, I began hanging out with the "wrong" crowd, and being young and stupid, I dropped out of high school. I am now 27, and have been trying to learn to program games for several years. So far, I have gotten around using all but the most basic math. So, I am looking for a good book to teach me the different math concepts involved in game development. Not a refresher, or a book that teachs how to implement math in video games. I need to learn the math. I would like a book geared towards game development, so I don't have to learn a bunch of stuff I will never use. In your opinion, would I be better off going to a college book store and buying some used college level math books? Or is there a book more suited to game development that does not assume ANY knowledge of the math involved. Thanks for any suggestions

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