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[web] Tip about web graphic design

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Alessandro    302
Perhaps a silly question but, I see most web designers build the home page with photoshop. How do they go from there to split all the psd content into the html page and the images ? Do they just use macromedia fireworks ? or other software ?

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Fuzztrek    572
Photoshop has quite a few options.. slices, etc. I usually just flatten the PSD and use the selection tool (heh). Crop, save as for web and undo a few times.. I should learn how to use slices sometime.

As far as knowing what to cut up or how to cut it, you've got to visualize your design split up into rectangles. That, in combination with knowledge of the box model and how web pages are built, is how I make the transfer from photoshop to html.

However, lately I have been writing the markup first and designing the page later. That seems to work much better than you might think, with the added benefit that:

1) Your page makes sense semantically from the start
2) You are able to more easily separate content from design from functionality.
3) You need not make many, if any, changes to your markup if you wish to change the design in the future.

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