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make my own keyframe animation object

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so here i am, in the last step of my engine. I already made a keyframe animation class based on the helper classes from directx, (loadframehierarchy, d3dxframe and all that stuff). but I came to relize that this model is way to bad to be implemented, because each frame of the keyframe anim mesh, has it's own call to setvertexbuffer and indexbuffer. and since I will have a dozen of animated objects in my scences, it is clear where this is going: mutliple state changes and loss of performance. so what i'm planning to do know is build my own keyframe mesh, in the way that it will use the global vertex and index buffer of my application/game. I looked over the net and it seems that the only way I can achieve such a thing is throug parsing the x-file. so am i in the right direction, can you give me any advise or direction please. also can please any one tell me how the keyframe matrices work to produce keyframe animation. thank you all

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If you want to take this approach, I would seriously recommend Jim Adams, "Advanced Animation with DirectX". He shows you how to write a complete custom X Parser using the IDirectXFile* series of classes. It is written, I think, in DX9.0B, so you would have to do a little modifying. In four chapters of the book, he shows you how to use keyframe animations.

If you are serious, I recommend this book.

AKA The ProgrammingNerd

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