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HLSL shaders, I cant seem to get struct's symantecs x3 to work

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Here are my structs in my fx file.
struct VS_INPUT0 {
    float4 Position : POSITION; //in object space
    float4 Color	: COLOR0;
    float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0;
    float3 Normal   : NORMAL;
    float3 Tangent	: TANGENT0;

struct VS_OUTPUT0 {
    float4 Position  : POSITION; //in projection space
    float4 Color	 : COLOR0;
    float2 TexCoord  : TEXCOORD0;
    float3 Normal    : TEXCOORD1;
    float4 Position2 : TEXCOORD2;
  //  float3 Tangent	 : TEXCOORD3;

struct PS_MRT_OUTPUT {
	float4 Color0 : COLOR0;
	float4 Color1 : COLOR1;
	float4 Color2 : COLOR2;
//	float4 Color3 : COLOR3;

When I compile the fragments they fail at run time if I include COLOR3, TEXCOORD3. So my question is why does it fail if I include any type of x3? I still need these things included in my shders so is there a way around this? I must also say I have geforce 6600 GTs running in SLI. Thanks, Brad EDIT: I went ahead and ran another program and then ran mine, now the texcoord3 works but the color3 doesnt... weird EDIT2: I also changed the ps shaders to 3.0 and it runs. Are 4 render targets only workable on ps3_0? [Edited by - xsirxx on August 3, 2005 8:39:23 PM]

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