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Continuous Integration and Visual Studio

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Hi, I've managed to persuade my company that we need a continuous integration server, but management is not keen to fork out a ton of money for a Visual Studio license that isn't actually going to be used by any one person. Consequently, they've asked me to research whether it's possible using the various SDK's etc. to run builds on the server without actually having visual studio installed. So far, I've downloaded and installed : 1) Windows Platform SDK (the latest one) 2) .Net Framework SDK (1.1) 3) VC++ 2003 Toolkit (optimizing compiler, etc.) About my project: We're running a number of C# projects, as well as MFC C++ applications, etc... Also, our company will at some point probably use most of the languages / tools provided by Visual Studio and they'll all need to be buildable using the build server. For now, I'm having problems getting my C++ code to compile. It complains about libcpmtd.lib etc., which has apparently been left out of the above SDK's for some reason. I tried copying the lib folder from my local machine to the test server, and that fixed that complaint, but then I got link errors related to mfc. Again, I copied the atlmfc directory into my include folder on the server, and now my code builds. My questions are as follows: 1) Is this legal? Am I legally allowed to "supplement" the free 2003 toolkit like this? 2) If so, what are the chances that somewhere down the line I'm going to run into problems again when something else in Visual Studio is not available in the free distributables? I need to be able to guarantee that the code built by the server is identical to code built by any one of the developer's machines. Can I make this guarantee? And here I'm not talking only about Visual C++, but any compile tool / library / include / assembly / etc. that's availabe with a VS2003 install. 3) Can anybody provide any insight as to why Microsoft left the multithreaded versions of those libraries out of the Platform SDK? Thanks for your time Terence

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