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Particle Qs..

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Right I have an issue that needs addressing..: If anyone here has ever seen the particle effects in any of these games..: - Any 3D Final Fantasy title - Code Age commanders (Squaresoft)* - Legend of Zelda Windwaker (* Most important point) If you've seen any of these games running then i'm sure you'll realise how visually impressive the particle effects in these games actually are.. Well my problem to raise here is this: I'm looking for information on how effects such as the ones done in games like these are created.. I've checked around the net for the past several months and I can't find anything on this.. I've tried emailing Squaresoft directly but they aren't willing to disclose information regarding the techniques that they use.. If anyone has any ideas or has done any particle/special effects work before then I'd be extremely greatful for any info I can get..

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