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converting to upper case

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I know this is extremely simple question. But what is the best way to convert a string to all uppercase(or lower for that matter) in c++, while keeping the code as portable as possible. My current solution only works for ascii. I have another one, but I don't know how the performance will be on it(switch on the letter and have case statements for each lowercase letter and change them to uppercase.) Like I said, probably extremely simple, but I haven't found out how. I'm coming from Java where strings have a toUpper method. The reason I want to do this is to work with substrings in the string and I thought it would be better to bring the string onto a format i like. Ok, I'll quit ranting and wait.

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You can use ASCII key codes instead of a big case statement. Capital letters are ASCII codes 65 to 90 and lower case are 97 to 122. Just check if a character is in the range and then subtract or add 32 to the key code, depending on if you want to convert to upper case or lower case

Edit: Here's an example

char A = 'A';

//Convert A to lowercase
A += 32;

And just create a function and loop through a string like that

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If you want to upper case a string that may be locale dependent then you'll need to use C++ locales. ex:

#include <locale>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(int, char **) {
locale loc1 ( "German_Germany" ); // or however your compiler specifies locales

char str[] = "Hello, my name is John!";

use_facet<ctype<char> > ( loc1 ).toupper
( &str[0], &string[sizeof(str)] );
cout << "The uppercase string is: " << str << endl;

If you want to stick with normal ASCII string you can use the std::toupper() function in header cctype

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