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Pre-Rendered backrounds in games?

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Nice one MarkB. Someone should make a button that posts that automatically.

Anyways, you can learn a bit about making a game with prerendered backgrounds from Programming Role Player Games with DirectX. As usual, make sure you're strong with the C++ before trying such things.

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Original post by MarkB
* Make a (good) business plan
* Most people never get to this step. If you skipped the first step, just give up now because your competition didn't.
* Use the buisness plan to aquire capital via loans and investors. You'll need 20-30 million to even think about it.
* Buy a huge office
* Aquire 200 bleeding edge win xp machines
* Hire your baseline staff (secretaries, IT, HR, CFO..)
* Buy 200 licenses of MS Office
* Buy 20 MSDN universal licenses
* Buy 10 licenses for 3DS Max
* Hire industry leading programmers, graphics artists, musicians. We will call these engineers. To get the good ones, you will need to bribe already employed people with double their current salary. Refuse to hire anyone that hasn't actually worked on a shipping product.
* Have daily meetings with your engineers with the focus on making a design document for your game. Do this for at least three months or until there hasn't been a modification ot the the .doc for two weeks, whichever is longer.
* Spend (at least) 2 years making the game
* Auction off the obsolete PCs that the engineers use, and replace them with bleeding edge win xxx machines. The baseline staff have to live with obsolete PCs. Those people only using MS Office and surfing web/porn/MSN/Yahoo anyway--who cares.
* At this point - The project is overbudget, behind schedule, and you are running low on captial. Fire people. Make sure to get the ones who were surfing porn. You won't have to worry about lawsuits from them.
* Upgrade all licenses of Office, MSDN, and 3DS Max
* Spend 6 months alpha testing
* Buy a license for the latest Install Shield - don't do this before now or you'll just have to pay for an upgrade.
* Make installation
* Spend 6 months beta testing
* Find a publisher
* Sign over everything to the publisher, including but not limited to, full rights to your source code, and all copyrights and trademarks.
* Work with your publisher until the game is published. They will make desicions you will oppose to like ripping out that section of the game you focused 80% of your resources in.
* Take your 1% and head for the nearest beach

That is just a little extreme...

To the OP:
How much programming experience do you have? What graphics libraries do you use? How long have you been programming? Have you made games before? Do you want a team, or to do it by yourself?

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You first start by drawing in image to the whole screen. How you do this varies based on your 3d api. Then you can create a mesh that is used for collision detection only and is not rendered. and move the character around (drawing after teh backdrop of course) and test for collision with the non-rendered terrain. does this help?


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guyaton: Yeah that helps, thanx...

Sr_Guapo: Well, I feel strong with C++, have made games before(mostly in 2d but I know a little 3D stuff), I am looking to use OpenGL, for now I would like to just try to get some of it down by my self.

I am not looking to make a full game just yet, but I would like to have the knowledge.

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I've made cool looking windows like FF7, and started a bit on the battle code... hehe, the only thing stopping me from doing a story is the same part that's stopping you. The 2d in 3d stuff. Guess it would'nt be that difficult, so tonight is coding night with lotsa vanilla coke and coffee.

Btw, I use c++/dx9sdk. Maybe we could share some ideas sometime!

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Original post by MarkB
* Make a (good) business plan.

He was asking about how to use pre-rendered backgrounds like ff7. In other words he is looking for information on how to create a similar visual style to ff7, not to make a game on the scale of ff7.

It's quite possible to create small scale, good quality games as a solo effort using only free software and without all of the stuff you mentioned.

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I'd do this:

more or less pseudo code:

glColorMask(false); //no coloring will be made...
//... Draw occlusion objects for the scene, crates etc, can be low poly since these wont be seen anyway...
glDepthMask(false); //no depth writes...
glOrtho(); //check out orthographic projection in google...
//Draw the prerendered background, preferably loaded as a couple of textures or so and tile appropriatly...
glPerspective(); //return to normal 3d viewing.
//Draw all other objects, characters etc...
//Draw effects or blended scenery...

should work like a charm! :)

hope that helped!

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