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Lightwave plugin resources

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Forgive me if this is the wrong forum (actually, this is probably the wrong site entirely, but I'm running out of options), but I figured that this was pretty close to a game mod or script, so here goes: Does anyone know of a good source of information about plugin programming for lightwave? (Not LScript, just straight SDK stuff) I've searched high and low, but lightwave simply doesn't seem to be a very popular modeler among the programming types. (And I'm beginning to understand why.) Specifically, I'm looking for any sort of information as to how skinning is handled within lightwave so I can export animations. I know how to get an array of weights for each vertex, but unless I'm overlooking something very obvious I can't for the life of me figure out how to tell which bone each weight is associated with, which makes a bunch of random floats pretty useless. The SDK documentation is pretty poor too, so I'm not getting any help from there. Most of what I've accomplished thus far in my exporter (Positional, normal, and UV data) has been a combination of swearing at the SDK, picking apart poorly commented samples, and a lot of frustrating and time consuming experimentation. Add to this little gems like the fact that the SDK is straight C code, and thus requires a rediculous amount of callbacks and recusion in certain cases, or the apparent lack of vertex normal support (I had to calculate them myself), and you've got one aggravated programmer. I would drop the whole thing right now if not for the fact that the artist I'm working with swears by it and refuses to use anything else. Despite my less-than-favorable impressions of the program, I'm a strong believer that anything one can do to empower your artists is going to be benificial in the long run. Still... *sigh* Anyway, if anyone could either help me with the question directly or at least point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative! Thank you in advance!

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