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Stuck between 2 ideas. Help Decide (Long and Detailed : )

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Hello, I am currently putting together a design for an MMORPG (Please don't complain at me about how impossible it is...) and I am stuck between 2 ideas, I've listed a features/basic concept list below, I will divide them into 2 different posts. Please, just give me your feedback on which you'd prefer to play, as well as any ideas you may have to further add-on to it, or ways to solve the negatives about it. I apolgize at the differences between the two writings of the concept, both were written at a different time, I believe that the Sci-Fi is more of a detailed and almost gives more of a tilt towards it, but please do not take the writing into account. Sci-Fi Concept The setting of “Revelation” is in a future sci-fi world, in which technology has advanced so a human being can now merge his D.N.A and mind to a spacecraft (The story will revolve around this). This means that once that the stronger and smarter the human, the greater the spacecraft. This is how the system in “Revelation” works, because the human is merged with the spacecraft, each kill scored by the spacecraft basically gives the human experience, as your spacecraft kills, your human levels up. Spell and skills work in the same way as experience. Because your human is merged, he is trained special skills from trainers around the galaxy, and then can use them from his ship. If it’s hard to imagine the ship casting a spell that slows movement speed or something like that, “Revelation” will use beams to show the skills, so basically your just buying a new weapon for your ship that performs that spell or skill. Combat is handed by selecting a target, then selecting which the weapons you wish to fire on it by just clicking the icon on the main interface. (If you’ve played EVE online, it’s much similar to this) Movement is not done by double clicking, you can either use the W, A, S, D or the Arrow keys to move, you can also set keys to increase your speed, by setting your maximum speed, it means that’s the speed you will go when you fully press the W or Up key for an extended period of time, there will also be a brake button for quick stopping, and a warp button to go long distances. “Revelation” will also feature races and classes. Races make a small difference and only include racial traits or abilities and have a minor say in starting attributes. Classes are the core of your character. Typical classes will be used such as warrior, mage, priest (New names of course), meaning that the warrior will learn skills related to damage or armor, and will have accelerated combat skills, while the priest may obtain skills that heal other ships or give extra buffs. This opens up a much larger range of possibilities than a normal MMORPG. It means that not only can you purchase equipment for your character to make him stronger; you can also purchase new ships and equipment for those ships. All equipment for your character will be done by programs, only one program can occupy a body part at a time; for convenience the program’s icon will still show a visual representation of the part of the body it goes on. (If it is a chest armor program, it will look like some type of shirt.) You can also buy new weapons for your ship, which can all be used at the same time if you have the proper skills. If you decide to buy a new ship, you can also salvage the equipment such as the shields and weapons and sell the remainder of a ship, or you can choose to sell the ship with all the equipped items you put on it for a greater price. There are different sizes of ships, as well as different builds. Some ships may be naturally faster or stronger than other builds. You can also buy larger ships in which people can mount their smaller ships onto; their armor is combined with you as well as your shields, but they still shoot their own weapons, or they can choose to mount one of your “player-mounted” turrets, which pack an extra punch. These large ships are great for large raids or sieges, where if your ship is large enough, you can mount 20 ships to your giant ship, all moving together, but you can choose your own targets. You do not necessarily have to be on a person’s ship to become in his party, you may also just form parties and play together normally. “Revelation” will also contain an extensive crafting system like any other MMORPG. Most materials will be gathered from asteroids or desolate planets. Using your crafting skills, you can craft new programs or even ships! There is also a player housing system, except this is done by large “yacht-like” ships. Once buying or crafting one, you can park multiple ships inside it, rest, create merchants to sell your items, and more. One of the biggest features “Revelation” will contain is the fantasy MMORPG equivalent to RvR combat. This will be handled by capture able space stations. Once capturing a space station, if the player is own the side that owns it, he can then use its merchants or facilities. Positives - Unique idea - Multiple combinations of ships and characters make many possibilities for builds - Ability to be creative with races, classes, and items Negatives - Lack of variety in environments: It's space... you can't tell the difference if your in the zone "Retoria" and "Morklai" (Made up names) - Combat system, I'm sure I can come up with some idea of this, but for now, I can't think of a way to make it exciting without having it twitched-based, which is impossible for an MMORPG.

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The Mythological Concept


Revelation will start out in a Faction vs. Faction war featuring 4 human races vs. 4 mythological races. The Humans (Titled “The Federation”) will feature the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Amazons. The Myths (Titled “Undecided”) will feature the Jackals (See “Anubis”), Minotaur, Demons (Need official name), and “Undecided”. Each race will have multiple racial bonuses along with a race specific weapon. Classes will be assigned to each race accordingly. (Meaning Minotaurs won’t be Wizards.) Each race will have a specific main (not starting) town that follows their culture. One special feature I hope to include is a Coliseum in some towns. Players can duel players of the same Faction here and other players can come and watch for a nice break away from fighting.

Here I will list a few of the key features in “Revelation” that I believe set it apart from other MMORPGs:

1. One of the most important features is a “Combat Timing Bar”, which is implented to avoid “Sandwich Combat” meaning you can’t press attack, go make a sandwich, then when you come back it’s done. While this is possible, it will not be very effective. When combat engages, a transparent bar with 3 colors appears near your character, the bar will fill at a decent speed, you , if you press your attack button again while the bar is in the green, your stats will be factored in at 100%. If you hit the yellow part of the bar, your stats will be cut to 75% attack. If you hit the Red part or do not push anything at all on the bar, your stats will be cut to 50% for that attack. The warrior’s combo attacks work in partnership with this bar, except the warrior receives different types of attacks when using this bar, using the attacks in a correct order could result in a powerful combo. This does not mean combat is turn-based, the bar will fill at the same speed no matter you weapon. The bar will be on a default timer starting at the first attack, your first attack will always be 100%. Starting then, the bar will activate and you will attempt to get green. Once hitting a color, you will wait 2 to 3 seconds and the bar will activate again, meaning that the last color you got, it’s effect will carry on until the next bar is hit. The bar will not be hard to hit, it is just to insure that the player does not push a button and walk away.

2. Extremely complex economic system. Players in large guilds will be able to construct whole new towns on most areas (May be instanced somehow, but the instance will be a large area with land outside the town as well for some type of strategy for the enemy, the instance would also be a place where enemy players could clearly see that it was an enemy town and who it was owned by). Players will clear the areas, gather lumber, lay out the “floor plan” to the town, and hire NPCs to guard and vend in the town. The town can be attacked, raided, and even sieged. Players alone can construct siege weapons to contribute and sell for raids or town defense. Players can construct multiple weapons and submit them to a townsperson to upgrade the guards damage temporarily. Players can also build houses for themselves (instanced) and list themselves in the directory. Players can hire NPCs to vend player-made items or put crafting tools such as a forge or over; or just use the house as a place to invite other players to hang out. Players can plant trees to cut, flowers to harvest, or crops to sell, eat or cook, as well as design their houses by creating or buying furniture or posters to decorate. Players can also visit each others house by choosing their name in the directory to shop at their NPCs. The directory will have a shop name where the owner can list a quick description of the shop so the shopper can find what he needs quickly. Houses will also include storage and a resting place. I currently have a few crafting professions worked out and it already totals something around 15 gathering and crafting professions. “Revelation” will also use an auction house similar to that seen in WoW.

3. The capture able buildings will give temporary bonuses to your troops. These bonuses can range from higher damage to full stat increases. Most capture able buildings will have a title under it stating what type of town it is. For example, if a town says it is a Blacksmith town, the bonuses will be more armor and weapon type bonuses. Towns with Roosts or Stations can also serve as a base of operations for raids as players can quickly fly or ride in and out.

4. “Skills” (Need name, basically a talent from WoW) will be available by use of a tree. The trees will look much like the ones in WoW. There will probably be 3 trees per class as well as 2 specialization trees that the character chooses when he reaches a certain level. (The trees will feature things like Mount Riding, Character, Trade Skills, etc.)

5. Mounted Combat. One of the key things I’ve envisioned is 100 mounted riders, riding in from a hilltop charging in on a castle full of defenders waiting for you. Mounted combat will be much like normal combat, but it has a few advantages. When using a polearm on your mount, your damage will increase to 110%. When using any other weapon, the damage will stay normal at 100%. Your mount also has it’s own HP and is a separate target. Why target the mount you ask? When the mount dies, your hero is stunned for 5 seconds from falling of his mount. Also when on the mount, the hero receives half of the mounts armor class added on to his own, his movement speed is greatly increases as well as his evade chance when moving. The player can also perform strong attacks only performable on his mount, which include many knockdowns and stuns. The Mount will have equip able armor and this armor will factor in when being attacked. Players can choose which to target, but the AI will generally choose by a weapon check. If the player is using a polearm, the AI will try to kill the mount, if the player is using any other weapon, the AI will try to kill the player.

- Not so unique, so I can use some of the other great ideas other MMORPGs have used before me
- Familar to players
- Character interaction with Environment with building towns, hiring guards, etc.
- Easy to design items, classes, skills, etc.
- Variable Environments

- Basically unoriganal
- All of the Federation races will almost look the same
- Almost everything has been done
- Difficult to balance and control with multiple towns

Thank you

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Both ideas are good in their own merit, and I will not choose one that is better.

The idea of merging your DNA and mind into a spaceship is a good one - but do not base your game on that idea alone. Apart from the idea of that, the sci-fi version is not completely original (check out x2/3, Freelancer, EVE: Online and others). Personally, I would prefer the idea of just having spaceships, not being able to be a spaceship as such - perhaps have intuative controls that read mind signals, but just as its self it looses the Sci-Fi possibility. However, this is fundamentaly a good idea and it could be developed into a realy fun game to play. Do not think that space in uniteresting. EVE has the best MMORPG graphics I have seen (retail released games) and Freelancer made it interesting and varying in space.

The idea of having varying human races (subraces) and another sort of almost egyptian demigods is pretty cool. However, the rest of your setting seems to be western fantasty. If you are going to have mounts and egyptian gods, make the mounts camels. This idea is again a good one, and one that should bring RvR to a new level (a thing that I myself am trying to do).

Both ideas have merit, and recently I was in your exact situation, fantasy or Sci-Fi. I chose fantasy, m,erely becasue most players (including myself) would prefer to play a fantasy setting than any other (source: survey).

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I wasn't really too sold on the concept until the part about programs/parts acting as armor, skills, etc. I really like that idea, but (this is a minor problem in the scope of things) I don't like the idea of viewing programatic equipment as armor (you said a shirt would appear on an armor menu), I think getting as far away from that idea as possible is what makes the concept so interesting.

Some things weren't that clear either, are you always merged with the ship in the game, or can you kind of set it on a travel mode, while you just walk around your ship, or craft things, etc. I'd like to be able to do that until I needed to really increase my ship's speed or go into battle mode.

As for lack of variety in environments, couldn't you use visually distinct planets and other visually distinct space entities to avoid this problem?


I really like the different types of races you're using. The battle system is also pretty cool, I don't think I've seen it used before, a not-so-real-time combat system that relies heavily on how fast you attack.

I'll skip to one of the negatives, "Almost everything has been done." You're right about that. Besides the combat system I'd say that everything is directly inspired by something from other games.. mostly from WoW, some from others.

1) The races seem setup similarly to WoW in whch you have GoodRace/GoodRace/GoodRace VS EvilRace/EvilRace/EvilRace.

2) The economic system you describe is identical to how Star Wars Galaxies' town system works.. in it you can have a guild (or non-guild) construct a town, each citizen of the town can place their house somewhere within the town, and they can all have merchant shops within their homes. Faction-oriented towns (Rebel/Imperial) could be raided by the opposing faction; the opposing faction's main goal is to destroy all of their faction buildings. Destroying a faction building meant that particular faction would have less weight in the Galactic Civil War, whoever was in the lead of the GCW would get huge benefits from Faction NPC Merchants.

3) Well yeah, a tree-based skill system.

4) Mounted combat, yeah.. WoW had this (although I don't know if you can battle, never played it that much.) SWG also had this.

Final notes on both:

Overall I think I'd enjoy playing the Myth version more, even if it's not that original. The ideas you are using have proven to be very fun in the games they were used. The space-based version seems like you would have to work very hard to not make it bland and repetitive.. there's just something about flying a space ship around all day that I don't like.

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ever played Freelancer. Somehow, clicking on the resource you wanted to but, flying for half and hour then clicking on the resource you want to sell ad infinitum was actually fun.

I would enjoy playing the Mythos setting more if it were in a setting I could relate to (e.g: Western/Medieval Fantasy, Cyberpunk, PA etc.)

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Thanks for the feedback, it seems most of you have gone with the Mythological due to being familar with it, and I think thats how most players would feel. I've also come up with an idea to solve some problems of the Sci-Fi

I was recently thinking, that the game may be based on the ground, where your character is the main fighter, but at higher levels you can access space and fight in your ship. This could solve a few of the negatives of the sci-fi, as well as give a chance to use the battle system shown in the Mythological. It could give varying environments and a familar feel to most MMORPGs. The ships could basically be like mounts, that have a whole seperate battlefield in space. If you don't understand what I'm saying here, just ask, and I can be more elaborate.

1st reply: I've played EVE but not freelancer, and I always got confused in space where I was, if you've ever played like WoW, you can easily tell, and that's what I love about it, you can see the varying scenery.

As for the Mythological, I also like the races, but I love the varying looks, this is no problem with the gods races, but with the human races, all of them look the same, except maybe a different color or frame. The RvR combat is one thing that worried me, most players want it, but its very difficult to design to keep it in balance, and to keep people wanting to do it. I've yet to play DAoC to see it's system but I've heard it's very good. It seems difficult to me if you have 5 major guilds on each faction on a server, and each spends time and money on their town, yet no one feels the need to attack it, without having to award items that are almost as good for casual players who aren't in a huge guild.

Also, I am a bit confused, many of you said Western Fantasy, is there a different between say Typical Fantasy and this?

2nd reply (to Ferr): The programatic viewing is basically a preferred choice of mine. Like I said before, I am a huge fan of varying looks, since I'm playing WoW right now, I'll use that for an example. I love going into a major city and seeing the different characters in higher level armor, the different races... I've rolled new characters 20 levels back just so they could be a different race because I think they look better. If it just looked like a normal outfit of clothes, It would kill me. What I meant by my idea, is that each program for your character will add some visual type equipment on your character, not necissarly giant plate pauldrons, but something scientific looking that adds variety.

Yes, you can get out of your ship on space stations to walk around, commute, craft, etc. I think my thought above could more answer your question.

Personally, when I'm playing an MMORPG, and I'm grinding or something, I don't like to see just grass and a few trees, I want to see rolling hills, patches of trees, buildings, etc. In space, just putting a planet to use a landmark or using a constelation (sp) or a nebulai (sp) to show players what zone they are in just doesn't do it for me. Sure I'd know I'm in the zone of "Ferr" but I'd still get tired of just seeing stars and a planet.

As for the Mythological, almost everything has been done, but I meant that as more of a it's been done, but hopefully it can be done better. I used the race setup in WoW because I think it's a great idea. I love how their are 2 factions, and it makes a perfect fit for PvP or RvR. If the other faction builds a town, then the other faction can kill it.

I've yet to play SWG also, but the town system would work similarly but not exactly to it. There would be several more features such as walls, defenses, guards, blacksmiths for bonuses to damages, etc.

I really enjoy WoW's talents, because it allows you to focus on different things, but I don't enjoy how you almost have to be a certain build to be effective in a situation. I loved Diablo 2 how even the right made Sorceress could wield an axe and still be pretty effective. I also hope to expand on the tree by adding "trade" talents. These could increase your crafting, mount combat, building, reputation, etc.

In WoW you cannot battle on your mount, which is a huge disapointment to me. I love watching movies like Lord of the Rings where you can see a large calvary charge break through lines. The main thing I was working on for mounted combat, was the addition of the mount target, which would be difficult to balance.

Again, thanks for the replies, and I hope to see any more of them, if I didn't explain something well enough, please just ask.

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