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problem with std map

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Hi all, im creating my own 3d engine, its comming along, but now im kinda stuck. I'm trying to create a management system for geometry used within the engine. I'm trying to use a hashmap to store geometry and want to retreve it using its key (a string). My problem comes with retreving the geometry again. Im getting a could not deduce template error. What am I doing wrong here? CGeometryManager.h:
class CGeometryManager : public DeuceUtils::CSingleton<CGeometryManager>
	int render();
	void addGeometry(std::string geometryID, CGeometryBase*);
	CGeometryBase* getGeometry(std::string geometryID);
	void removeGeometry(std::string geometryID);
	void clear();
	typedef std::map<std::string, CGeometryBase*> geometryType;
	std::map<std::string, CGeometryBase*> geometryMap;
CGeometryBase* CGeometryManager::getGeometry(std::string geometryID){
        //This gives me a template error
	geometryType::iterator geoIter = geometryMap.find(geometryID);
	return (*geoIter).second;
        //This also doesnt work?
	//return geometryMap[geometryID];
The error given: error C2784: 'bool std::operator <(const std::_Tree<_Traits> &,const std::_Tree<_Traits> &)' : could not deduce template argument for 'const std::_Tree<_Traits> &' from 'const std::string' There are a lot more errors following that. My question is, why doesnt this work? It should juist return my geometry pointer shouldnt it? Is there a better way to manage geometry? Which is generic? I want all types of geometry to be added, and dont want to hard code everything.

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You can get errors like that if you include a header that defines std::string but doesn't actually include <string>. On MSVC an example of that is the <iostream> header. Try including <string> and see if that clears up the error.

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Doh! you where right, weird that both gcc and msvc dont tell me that std::string isnt defined, oh well its fixed ^_^

As for my other question? Is there a beter way to manage geometry? I was planning on using this system, and have a seperate system that checks the culling on all the geometry. Or is having a hashmap and getting the key using a string, a performance problem?

I've tried searching but havent found a lot of links that deal with the subject of managing meshes/geometry using a single system (so that I can easily add caching and various other stuff)

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