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[RESOLVED] - Hotwiring MS Help 2.0 files

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Google really isn't my friend in this case :( Spent most of the afternoon searching for something, and trying things that will probably break my installation of Windows XP... heh. There's this page, but it doesn't quite give the answer I'm needing... I've installed the newest platform SDK to my Win2000 computer, and want to put the docs from that on my laptop. But I *don't* want to install the PSDK on that computer, because it will erase the current one... Now... ms-help://ms.vscc.2003 These strange ms-help protocol URLs... I've looked through the registry for the value "ms.vscc.2003"... have found it, along with a GUID... but the url to the platform SDK doesn't seem to work on the laptop... even after copying all the files over and adding the ms-help url the registry like it is on the Win 2000 comp... ms-help://ms.psdksvr2003sp1.1033/ That's the new base URL... and the start page is apparently: ms-help://MS.PSDKSVR2003SP1.1033/PSDK/psdk_about.htm As I said... I added the registry key under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSDN\7.0\Help\0x0409\{21113D3C-6738-405C-92E0-22D7C436AC6C} ...but nothing happens when I open dexplore.exe with these command-line switches: /helpcol ms-help://MS.PSDKSVR2003SP1.1033 ----- Question is... is this possible? Seems like a grand pain to do... and installing the PSDK would be easier... but it would also wipe out the current PSDK on the laptop, which I DON'T want to do... I realize the MS.PSDKSVR2003SP1.1033 value is probably different on a different machine, but I'm not sure how to generate it... Anybody have any clue about how to try this? Thanks Chad [Edited by - Verg on August 7, 2005 2:27:54 AM]

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There appears to be some relevant files at:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINNT\Application Data\Microsoft Help

(or, the equivalent on XP)...

nslist.hxl is important, it seems... and there are about 5 files with the help namespace on them... a few of those have links to some of the help files on the hard drive...

Crap... this seems unrealistically complex..


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