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TriviaNet Challenge Mac/Linux Rights Available

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I'm an independent game developer, working with two friends. We have just finished our fourth game, TriviaNet Challenge. The Windows version is finished and ( technically ) on sale though I haven't started submitting or promoting it yet. It's written in BlitzMax, which means I also have the source code for both Mac and Linux versions. I have no plans to sell Mac or Linux games from my own site. I don't know enough about Macs or Linux to be supporting games written for them, and if I can't support them properly, I shouldn't be selling them. So if any Mac, Linux ( or combined ) developers want to have the rights to these versions, I would be happy to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. What I have is full source code, all the graphics, licensed music and sound effects, and over 6,000 questions with more to come. I'm open to both selling the rights outright and to some kind of profit-sharing arrangement, though I would obviously be much more choosy about who gets it if I'm just getting a cut of the profits you make. A few possible questions spring to mind. Yes, you can keep the name. Yes, you can change the name. Whichever you prefer is fine with me. Yes, you can make any changes you want to the source code, graphics and questions. If you want to redo the code and graphics and just save yourself the massive amount of work involved in writing 6,000 questions, that's fine too. No, you can't use any of the content for a Windows release. Mac and Linux only. I'm open to link swapping under either buying or partnering, but I won't require it if you would prefer not to. If you also do Windows games, but you're still interested, I have no objection to a mutual affiliate deal so that you can still sell my Windows version while I sell your Mac/Linux version. Again, it's not required, just an option if you wanted to. No, I haven't compiled or tested Mac or Linux versions yet. I originally planned to wait a few months before offering the rights, but it occurred to me as I was making preparations for release, that a potential buyer/partner might want to get in early to take advantage of the publicity I generate. If you have any more questions or would like to discuss things with me, drop me an email. Phil Ings

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