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In need of Logo and GUI help...

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Hi all, Im wrapping up my first "major" demo since graduating univ. for my portfolio. After spending months on the backbone of the demo, a simple yet powerful 3d engine, im having trouble with one of the minor details I put off till the end of the project... In short, the demo is meant to impress potential employers with my passion for gaming and game programming...the "game" is a 5:00 min run through of a virtual world where they can collect a number of "viewpoints" in any number of ways. For example the house has 21 rooms, simply visiting each room will earn 100 points. At the end of the demo the user will have see first hand what im all about, my favourite music, games, movies, books, history, etc. which will all be summarized at the end of the demo. So if a company passes on me its not due to them not knowing me..;-) What im in real need of is a cool logo for my startup screen, as mine is downright piss-poor...if someone has any creative ideas for a logo that combines programming/gaming with the title, "innerView -", I would love to see them.. As well there may be someone out there who could design a better HUD then the one i currently have... Phew, long post so if you've read this far please download the lastest build at: Any feedback can be directed to my website email or this post. Peace,

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