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Poni-Gamer 2007 (Game Festival)

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What the heck is Poni-Gamer 2007 you ask? I'll tell you. Poni-Gamer 2007, codenamed PG7 (Corny, eh?) is going to be the biggest and most awesome games festival in the history of gaming. Me and a group of other people with their connections in the right places have been brought together to organise a gaming event set to rattle gameing events around the world. Gamers flock to the PG7. They will flock, but they shall not flee, for the event will last a whopping great big 4 months. The event location remains to be released for obvious reasons (don't want campers. -.-) although we can tell you that it'll be somewhere in Central America, and inside a university campus. For those of you who are too young or cannot afford to travel by yourself, there will be facilities for families and parents/guardians to accompany you, and there will be coach services in every state to pick you up (only if you need it) and take you to the event. The date of the event starts on the 1st August 2007* and ends exactly four months later on the 1st December 2007. People are welcome to come and go as they please during this time, so long as they retain their tickets and it is valid. Event staff are still being organised, so if you'r ea good organisational-type-person, you're over 16 and you're able to travel, then contact me at ASAP. Tasks undertaken would involve aquiring (legally) installing and running equipment for over 2 thousand users, advertising the event around the globe, contacting game development companies such as EA and Sierra to sell advertising space, and of course, security! As for Game Developers/Producers, they'll have stands all around the event. If you have any games or know any companies looking to advertise upcoming games, then by all means contact us, even though some of the people who use this forum... have limited... contacts... because of their age... Anyway. I've had this idea in the works for a little over 4 years now, and for the past year I've been hooking up my contacts and discussing things and organising important issues, so we'll all be fairly busy, which is why if you need information, I'd advise you get it sooner, or later. Not in between. Because sooner we'll not be doing too much, and later we'll have more people to handle enquiries. However in between we'll be working our asses off... so that's fairly important. Okay. As for the entertainment. Well. We'll probably hook up a massive LAN connection, stick all of our PCs on the connection, make sure we've got room for gamers who bring their own machines/laptops and we'll just let the gamers host what ever game they like on the LAN. Games will all be bought and installed on the machines, however if you're bringing your own machine you'll have to have the game all ready installed or buy the game from us at a discounted price. Hard live eh? We'll have a wide selection of music playing throughout the various large 'staging' areas and will probably have seperate areas for large LAN-Based games such as Counter Strike, Good old fasioned Age of Empires 2, and of course, we'll be getting modified versions of MMORPG games for the event installed on the machines. The machines themselves? Well you'll just have to wait and see. No doubt they'll be good enough to run all of the games we install on them, but if you want maximum gaming experiance we'd advise you go with your own instinct. Any quries sent to (Sorry for the lame e-mail, our servers are offline because they're getting configured for the event).

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