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Need Help with Bit operations and storage.

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So i'm working on this game for the GBA, and everything is done by minipulating bits. So i have this regesters defined for sprite graphics memory...
#define SpriteData ((unsigned short*)0x6010000)
#define SpriteMem ((unsigned short*)0x7000000)
Now i have this data that i copy to that address...
//This is for the SpriteData register
unsigned short imageData[1536];

//This is a single entry into SpriteMem
typedef struct tagSprite  {
     unsigned short attribute0;
     unsigned short attribute1;
     unsigned short attribute2;
     unsigned short attribute3;
}Sprite, *pSprite;
So here is where i am having the problem... I need to offset the registers SpriteMem, and SpriteData by the amount i just copied into it, so next time i copy i can start off at the next available block of memory... So would my code to do that look something like this..?
SpriteData += 1536 * sizeof(unsigned short);
SpriteMem += sizeof(Sprite);
I will always know the size of the unsigned short array for the data And the tagSprite struct never changes, so im pretty sure the code i have above will not work, i probably need to bit shift or something to get it right. Any mastermind that knows the answer feel free to school me, please. Thanks in advance

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If you just made SpriteData and SpriteMem pointers, wouldn't that work? Another thing is that pointer arithmetic already includes the size of the type.
    unsigned short* SpriteData = (unsigned short*)0x6010000;
Sprite* SpriteMem = (Sprite*)0x7000000;

memcpy( SpriteData, imageData, 1536*sizeof(unsigned short) );
*SpriteMem = sprite;

SpriteData += 1536;

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