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AI in games

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No need to double post, be patient. When someone can answer suitably, they'll respond to you.

Now, you need to create a game which implements some kind of AI using Java, correct? I think some additional information would be helpful in answering your question:
-Are there any specific requirements on what sort of AI is used, or do you just need a computer controlled player?
-Are there any other requirements as to the sort of game you make? (i.e. Does it need to be 2d, 3d, text-based for example?)
-Do you have any experience in making games before?
-How experienced are you with Java?

Since this is a school project and you've already said you aren't very experienced, I'd suggest keeping the game as simple as you can, but I'm not sure what the requirements for your assignment will be. For example, making a text-based game of Tic-Tac-Toe with a perfect AI which has varied moves along with a non-perfect AI would probably be a suitable task, but depending on your project requirements may not be good enough.

Give us a bit more information and we'll see what advice we can give you. [smile]

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ok.. so im sorry...

well, for the requirements... as long as we are bale to make the game with atleast simple AI... it cud be 2d or 3d.. the important part there is the AI part...
as of JAVA... i am not that expert.. but i can say that i am doing well with it...
the game that we are planning to make is the game of the generals...
the game would be a single player game since it will be using simple AI...
our main problem here is... how can we apply AI in this kind of game...
we just had our porposal defense yesterday and it just happened that our panelist wanted the game to be a little bit more AI games...
and before the defense, we are planning that the arrangement of the pieces will be preset... then just yesterday... the panelist would not want it to be preset... they wanted the players to arrange their own pieces....
hope you will be able to help me wiht this..
and oh.. by the way... sorry for double posting.... iam just so desperate...

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