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OpenGL Win32 open a window on a display device

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Hi First post, so hello everyone. I have an SLI machine (2 GeForce 6600 GT cards). I'm trying to open 2 openGL windows: 1 window on each of the cards. I haven't been able to find any win32 commands that enable me to open a window with an openGL rendering context for a specific device. The normal process I use to open a window with an openGL rendering context: // declare a window class HWND hWnd = CreateWindow(...); HDC hDC = GetDC(hWnd); // choose pixel format code comes here HGLRC hGLRC = wglCreateContext(hDC); // ... According to MSDN if I want to open a DC for a specific device I have to do something like this: // first get the device: // can use EnumDisplayDevices to get and verify the device index. int deviceIndex = 0 ; DISPLAY_DEVICE displayDevice; EnumDisplayDevices(NULL, deviceIndex, &displayDevice, 0); // create a DC for the device HDC hdc = CreateDC(deviceInfo->DeviceName, deviceInfo->DeviceName, 0, 0); This is where I get stuck: How do I create a window for the DC I just created for the device? (Or how do I disconnect a window from its DC and connect it to another DC?) The CreateWindow win32 function doesn't get any parameter that allows me to set the device that I want to use. I need a code sample that shows how to create a window over a specifc device (or DC), or how to diconnect a window from its DC and connect it to another DC. Thanks.

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