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Updating part of buffer

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hey i wants to only update a luttle part of my terrain buffer i thought i did correct with this code but

// the vertex buffer is create , dynamic memory and default creation

// as arguments
// and set like this for example
start = 5;
oiffset = 10;

VERTEX *data; 
DOUBLE size = sizeof(VERTEX);

but the results is really strange everything dissapear except those vertices thats behind the start vertice Image hosted by plz help hunter_ex [Edited by - Hunter_Ex on August 11, 2005 9:03:32 PM]

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okay i waited some time now and i feel like getting an answer : ) ive tryed many stuff but if i NOT UPDATE(lock,copy,lock) the whole buffer i get really weird results

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Are you adding NEW data to the vertexbuffer, or are you changing existing data in the vertexbuffer?

If you're changing(Thus the latter case), remove the D3DLOCK_NOOVERWRITE. It tells the vertexbuffer you won't be changing existing data, so it continues drawing with the contents.


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yea im changing the data... i tryed remove the NOOVERWRITE
and use NULL instead but same problem. :(

ill post a screenshot soon

EDIT image

Image hosted by

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