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Lonewolf Darkmoon

Spinning a Good Tale.

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One of the greatest ways I found of writing a good story, and this is my personal way, I start with an idea or images from a dream I had, and just brainstorm on it for a while. I jotted down notes made drawings, and after a few months had, in what my opinion was, a great story concept. So for the next few months I started writing away, and before long had most of a book completed. Then the thought hit me....I am bias to my own writing, of coarse I think it is good, after all I created it. So I needed opinions other than my own. Then it struck me....I am dungeon master of long standing I will use this story to create an adventure for the table top. Thus "Portals" was created. I was able to allow others to enjoy my story, by allowing them a part in it. These gave me tons of raw material to work with and weave into my story, plus gave me the ideas and thoughts of others. My little story idea has now blossemed into not only a complete book idea, but also a complete table top RPG world, and it is this world and my love for MMORPG's that has led me to Now I know not every one is Game Master, so this way of story writing is not for every one, but it was a great way for me to develop interesting characters and a vivid world, all from just a dream of a charismatic protagonist and his equally charismatic antagonist. Hope this helps someone....anyone...and just not turn out to be my own ramblings.

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