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picking my terrain

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hi ive got a terrain implememted using Geomipmapping and in dx (right now its not using index and/or vertex buffer) my terrain can be scaled (its x,y and z) now my question is how can i perform picking on my terrain in dx? i want to get the coordinates or what area in the terrain is selected (just like in RTS) so that i can do my pathfinding and treat it as that of 2D thanks

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Hi there Yuppies, How are you doing?
Well Direct3D helps you a bit with situations like this

[The problem]
"how can i perform picking on my terrain in dx?"

[Possible Solution]
This is how I would go about it and maybe the general idea will help you get yours correct...

Refer to this post for Spaces theory.

This means that the mouse coordinates that you will recieve most of the time will be in Screen space, you will need to transform these coordinates to World space and then with a simple test you can see what section the mouse coordinates fall in.

1) Transform mouse coordinates into World Space using a Inverse ViewProjection Matrix.
Usefull functions/methods:
D3DXVec3Transform Function
D3DXVec3Unproject Function

2) Check where on your terrain these coordinates are and set the range which you can select, maybe the tile on which the point falls. (I am sure you can get values of a tile in your terrain.)

3) With a simple boolean test. Set the tile's property to selected or any entities on this tile.

I hope this helps a bit,
Stay cool.

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