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Need help with D3DXCreateEffectFromFile [SOLVED]

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Im having a strange situation. A week ago reinstalled my PC and installed the April SDK. Befor that I used the Februari SDK. Now i, having some strange errors/problems. I did change a few things in the code but its not much.
LPD3DXBUFFER l_d3dBuffer;

file is type std::string and has a valid path to the effect. the effect is not compiled (i have always used it for quick editing) "loading.fx"

// Create the effect
if FAILED(D3DXCreateEffectFromFile(pd3dDevice, file.c_str(), NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, &m_pd3dEffect, &l_d3dBuffer))
	// Show Error message
	MessageBox(NULL, (const char *)l_d3dBuffer->GetBufferPointer(), "Critical Failure", MB_OK);


D3DXCreateEffectFromFile fails and d3dBuffer is NULL(0x00000000) so I cant even see what the error message is. The program crashes at MessageBox(); [SOLVED] I dont know how/when/why but the "Working directory" was set to default and i use an <MyProject>\OutPut\.. [Edited by - D3DXVECTOR3 on August 10, 2005 6:10:49 PM]

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edit: btw im using Visual Studio 2003 with Windows 2000, but I already tested it on a machine with Windows XP and it had no effect same result.

[Edited by - D3DXVECTOR3 on August 9, 2005 6:18:14 PM]

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Since it's returning INVALIDDATA I would assume that your effect file is invalid - does your effect compile without errors in EffectEdit (comes with the DX SDK)?

Though I thought usually it would return the errors in your l_d3dBuffer buffer :S

I use Managed DirectX, but I'll take a guess at maybe having to intialize your buffer before passing it in?

As for the crash at your message box, you probably need to check whether l_d3dBuffer is non-null before trying to get it's pointer.

Hope that helped...

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OOo sorry, you said it worked with the Feb SDK so your effect file is probably fine...but I remember that in Managed DirectX when I moved from the Feb SDK to April, a new parameter called skipConstants was added to the Effect constructor. So the parameters to the function you're using might have changed so you might be using the wrong overload now..maybe..

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^^ That could be it. FX Composer and EffectEdit compiles the effect file with no problems.

This is what the current SKD shows:
HRESULT WINAPI D3DXCreateEffectFromFile(
const D3DXMACRO *pDefines,
DWORD Flags,
LPD3DXBUFFER *ppCompilationErrors

Anyone have the definition from the feb SDK!?

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I think I have found the problem. I should have seen this. Yesterday I noticed that my logger didnt work anymore while I didnt change anything in it. When I was about to rip my hairs from my head I noticed that all my file IO didnt work. So looks like a folder/user security issue. There is nothing wrong with my code.


Nope that was not it. i think im gonna have to try the old SDK

[Edited by - D3DXVECTOR3 on August 10, 2005 6:05:00 PM]

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