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Found memory leak, but don't know how to fix it*solved*

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Hi, I am using C++ and Visual Studio .NET 2003. I have gotten Fluid Studios Memory Manager to compile in my project and it tells me of a memory leak in my function "Add Font" at the exact line, highlighted in the code below:
//add font
void CInterfaceManager::AddFont(const string &sFontName,const string &sFontFaceName,const int &nFontHeight,const bool &bBold,const bool &bItalic)
	int nFontWeight;

        //struct loaded font is explained full below this function code
	LOADEDFONT *newFont=new LOADEDFONT;//memory leak on this line

	//create font
	HRESULT hr=D3DXCreateFont(g_pD3DDevice9, //D3D Device
                     nFontHeight,                //Font height
                     0,                          //Font width
                     nFontWeight,                //Font Weight
                     1,                          //MipLevels
                     bItalic,                    //Italic
                     DEFAULT_CHARSET,            //CharSet
                     OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS,         //OutputPrecision
                     ANTIALIASED_QUALITY,        //Quality
                     DEFAULT_PITCH|FF_DONTCARE,  //PitchAndFamily
                     sFontFaceName.c_str(),      //pFacename,
                     &newFont->m_Font);          //ppFont

        //the container type used here is a list
	m_lstFonts.push_back(newFont);//add new font to list of fonts

//struct LoadedFont
    ID3DXFont *m_Font;   //the font
    string m_sFilename;  //the filename of the font
    int m_FontSize;      //size of font

So, now that I have found this memory leak, how do I fix it? The code looks alright to me. [Edited by - utilae on August 9, 2005 11:52:28 PM]

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Well, where do you delete your newfont pointer? If you never call delete on it then yes, you get a memory leak.

So: Either call delete on newfont before it gets destroyed (such as in the destructor) or use any of the various smart pointer classes that will call delete automatically for you when the pointer gets destroyed. (std::auto_ptr or the boost smart pointers for example)

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Well, a memory leak is when you allocate memory on the heap and never delete it, even after the variable goes out of scope. So what your manager is telling you is that you are never deleting newFont, or some part of it. I would check this:

Are you deleting the contents of m_lstFonts? I'm just guessing it's a vector. I could be wrong. Also, are you responsible for deleting m_Font after it has had memory allocated to it? If so, is it being deleted? It won't be in the LOADEDFONT destructor by default - you need to specify that yourself by writing your own destructor.

My two cents.

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Ok, thanks. You're right. I was not deleting it. I did have a function that removed the fonts, etc, but I forgot to add a line to delete the loadedfont struct.


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