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Help me! I want to know program use to benchmark code or program which I write

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You want a profiler, but since your'e using the ancient VC6 M$ you actually have one included right in the IDE, just enable profiling from project options and away you go.

If you want an external program Intel VTune is most excellent, you could also use the free DevPartner Community edition. A third option would be AQTime that also functions quite well.

If none of those suite your needs you could look into using the RDTSC instruction and doing manual code instrumentation.

Also remember that benchmarking is very hard (to do correctly) and always profile release builds since you'll just endup with very very missleading data otherwise.

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Original post by gnakcpe10
AP but I use AMD barton.please help me

Doesn't matter, Intel VTune will work just fine anyhow but there's also AMD Codeanalyst that probably can give you some extra info not revealed by the Intel tool.

The other profilers will work fine as long as you're running an x86 processor.

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