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OpenGL Render a cone with correct normals for lighting

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Hi there, I want to render a cone primitive with correct normals set for OpenGL lighting. Please take a look at my render code: void RenderCone(int steps, float height) { float unit = (2 * (float)MathTools::Pi()) / steps; Matrix4x4f m; Vector3f oldV; glBegin(GL_TRIANGLE_FAN); Vector3f n = Vector3f(0.0f, height, 0.0f); glNormal3fv(n.UnitVector().v); glVertex3f(0.0f, height, 0.0f); for (int i = 0; i < steps + 1; ++i) { m.LoadIdentity(); m.SetRotationY((float)MathTools::Rad2Deg(i * unit)); Vector3f v = Vector3f(0, 0, 1) * m; if (i > 0) { Vector3f n = CalcNormal( Vector3f(0.0f, height, 0.0f), Vector3f(v), Vector3f(oldV)); glNormal3fv(n.v); } glVertex3f(v.x, 0.0f, v.z); oldV = v; } glEnd(); } The problem is that lighting on the first and last triangle is incorrect. Is there something wrong with my code? The normals I use are face normals. How can I supply vertex normals for smooth lighting? Greetings, Guido

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