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Adventures in Purgatory reaches Milestone 2

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At 11series multimedia we have become obsessed with the completion of a fine product we like to call Adventures in Purgatory, a film Noir game which features style over realism, and imaginative game play over tried and true conventions. We have just completed our second milestone which consisted of a polishing of our custom dialog interface and interaction scripts, and have just integrated these changes with the synapse lighting pack. After integration of the lighting pack we found that it was now quite possible to create our levels using 3d models from programs like Max and Maya due to them now lighting correctly in game, we apply these models in a method much like the unreal 2004 editor does in the way that we create a room in csg and then litter the room with detailed props which are created in a separate 3d package. So we have started work on a new collision system that will allow us to better handle the collision of 3d objects which are not CSG based brushes. After we have finished this system we will release the resource as a free download to the public, further enhancing the art pipeline for torque. Adventures in Purgatory can be best described as an Adventure RPG but we hope to make it much more then that, our goal is to make a fun game that can be accessible to almost anyone of any sex. The lead character is Airie, she awakens inside a bathroom in a subway station in the world of purgatory. The subway station acts as a gateway to heaven and hell and only those on the guest list can get in. Airie finds that she is on neither list and becomes content with making her way through the treacherous city of Foulga, one of the two known cities in the black and white underground world of purgatory. The grey palette offers us some unique opportunities to convey mood through art and the overall mood of this game is a bit depressing as death usually is, but it is meant as a black comedy, with jokes well in line with some of the more subliminal humor of any of Terry Gilliams films. The main goal of Airies adventure is to find a way into one of the two trains, your actions in game will decide which one you get on, but the goal mutates and changes as the characters motives with which you interact with become clearer, and some of the lies get swept aside to reveal the real truth of the world Airie finds herself in, and some secrets about the ways of the universe. The story is much too complicated to explain in such a short posting here but if you visit our forums at, you can discover much more. We will be updating our website to reveal more about the game shortly so check back often. We are currently looking to fill a few positions in the scripting/programming department, so if you are interested please contact me at the email address below for more info. Thanks for having a look. Paul W. Fassett 11series Multimedia

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