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project management discussion!

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As an extension to my CppUnit thread, I have found linking issues due to the fact that my CppUnit and Project(to be tested) are separate projects. I thought that including the Project headers, source etc in the directory settings would solve this, but no. As you might tell, this is the first time I am coding beyond a 'single-project' application, and I am using MSVC++6.0. So, I asked in the other thread ( pending an answer there ), should I convert my project into various libraries, so they can be better linked and tested? Which leads me to this thread : should I have done this in the first place? And I have been looking online, with no luck, can someone please tell me the pros / cons of compiling stuff into a library, or in a larger project, is this even an option? In my current project, I realize that perhaps I should be creating a bunch of libraries, that will all be linked to the main application that calls various functions from each. Right now, everything is in subfolders, part of the single project. Yes it's big! I'd just never considered / needed any other way before. But still, that means there will be a project ( using the libraries ) regardless, so how do you do a CppUnit-system-test of that project, regarding linking? [Edited by - squirrel_of_death on May 2, 2006 8:14:16 PM]

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