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jumping array values

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I'm accually quite new to c++ and I know I jumped inte the world of 3dprogramming too early but I'm doing quite well I think. :) This is a class for making graphical specialeffects (particleeffects) like fire, explosions and so on.
typedef struct
    bool show;        //Show the particle?
    float fade;       //the alpha value of the part
    float pos[2];     //The position of the part  [0]=x, [1]=y, [2]=z
    float speed[2];   //The speed of the part
    float gravity[2]; //The gravity of the part

class SpecialFX
    Particles * Part; //Declaring a number of parts (set in the constructor)
    float Pos[2];     //Position of the effect
    float color[2];   //Color of the effect
    int FX;           //Type of effect. Fire=0, Explosion=1 etc.
    int numparts;     //Number of particles used in this effect

    SpecialFX(float x, float y, float z, int type, int numpart); //Constructor
    ~SpecialFX();     //Destructor (frees the memory)
    bool Render();    //Function called every loop to render all particles and call the animation func
    void Execute();   //Restart animation
    GLuint oTexture;  //Saves the particletexture
    bool Animate();   //Animates the effect
    void SpawnPart(int i); //respawns a dead particle
    void LoadTexture(); //Loads the texture

The problems with this is that sometimes the values of, for instance, color[0] gets the same value as Pos[0]. Then I can't change the value of color[0] during runtime. This happends to all of the arrays in this class (including those in the struct). It usally fixes if I change the order in which i set the values, but then another variable gets a currupt value. I'm not that good at memoryhandling and I guess that this is what it's about. Thankful for every comment! (even if it's about something else in the way this class is written)

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Your problem is the way you are declaring your arrays. You need to specify the number of elements in the array. For example:

float pos[2]; //The position of the part [0]=x, [1]=y, [2]=z

should be:

float pos[3]; //The position of the part [0]=x, [1]=y, [2]=z

All of your arrays appear to have this problem.

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Thank you very much!

Haha okey this was really one of the most simple things I've ever had a problem with... I've had this problem for very long in various programs I've programmed, don't know how I could have missed this :)

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