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OpenGL, Blending and Depth Buffer

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Hi I am just creating what I thought was a simple little demo. I have a solid object in the middle of the screen and I want to simulate bubbles rising around this "rock". So I made up a couple quick .tga files and made them mostly transparent and they look ok. So to simulate the bubbles rising around this rock, I am thinking perhaps a particle system would be the way to go, and use Alpha blending to get the "clear" look for the bubbles. So long story short... when using alpha blending, the correct way to draw on the screen is: 1) Enble Depth Buffer 2) Draw all non transparent objects first (the rock) 3) Enable Blending 4) Draw (alpha < 1.0f) objects to the screen in reverse order (lowest z first) 5) Disable Blending 6) Swap Buffers Does this sound about right? Thanks, Sam EDIT: The reason I ask is because I have seen a lot of demos on the net that do strange tricks with disabling the depth buffer, and these make no sense to me. I don't understand how they even get the desired effect.

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