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DirectSound - DuplicateSoundBuffer()

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I noticed that in the latest DirectX documentation, the DuplicateSoundBuffer() function has been deprecated. The reason cited for this is that duplicate buffers don't share the same memory on most modern systems, thereby defeating the point of this function altogether. However, it still seems like a good idea that if you need multiple copies of the same sound, you should share the data via duplication rather than create a new sound buffer with its own memory for each identical sound. On today's systems, do people typically have enough resources that you can get away with creating and allocating space for each multiple, identical sound without a problem? Or should you still attempt to share memory by manually coding a "DuplicateSoundBuffer()-type" function that will do the trick? I obviously have no clue how I would write such a function if I needed to, so any feedback is appreciated.

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