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DHCP issues

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Ok, last saturday I did a network install of Debian on my other computer. As that computer didn't have a network card, I took the one out of this PC and put it into that computer. Everything worked great, DHCP detected everything just fine, and everything went well. Well, the next day I decided to take out the ethernet card from this PC and put it into my other PC, and use the intergrated ethernet card for this PC. So after that I went into winipcfg and switched from my PCI ethernet card to my intergrated one and clicked the Renew button. Everything worked fine. Well, I reinstalled debian without an internet connection during the past week, and I decided today to try and install Gentoo. So, I plugged the ethernet cord from my cable modem into my Linux PC and attempted to get it to detect the DHCP stuff. No matter what I did it wouldn't work, so I tried Debian again to see if it was just Gentoo not working right. Well, Debian tried and it gave me the error that there was something wrong with the DHCP server. So basicly I'm stuck, I can't get my other Linux PC (with the old ethernet card) to detect the settings from the DHCP to use the internet on it. Is it possible that switching from the PCI card and using the intergrated card on this PC caused an issue somehow so that the other card doesn't work with the DHCP server from my ISP? Am I just SOL? Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Problem solved I think...I should really learn to google before asking [smile] [Edited by - Gunslinger RR on August 12, 2005 12:53:06 PM]

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