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Gouraud shaded, but with textures?

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Well.. This is what I would like to do.. Say I have 3 different textures.. And each corner of a vertex is associated with one of them, and I would like to do some sort of fading between them, without any shaders.. Can this be done, or will I need to make different textures for each possible outcome? The reason I ask is that I'm doing a point-based RTS, where each point has a material/texture.. I would kinda like to smooth it out.. At the moment I'm using diffusecolor with a 'detail' texture.. But it doesn't really look that good.. Any pointers?

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Thanks alot.. I think that's what I need!

Damn.. The demo from the article ran at 10 FPS at my target platform (AMD Duron, 700Mhz, 320mb ram and 8mb gfx, built-in nvidia stuff).. :p Any other ideas?

Edit 2:
Damn spelling errors.. Anyway.. How would you do it? Anyone?

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