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using Cg and DirectX with texCUBE(..)

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Hi Everyone, I'm having problems getting a simple Cg pixel shader code working...I'm having difficulty with texCUBE(..) I mean the shader cant' get much simpler: void main( in float4 position : POSITION, in float4 rgba : COLOR0, in float2 texCoord0 : TEXCOORD0, in float2 R : TEXCOORD1, out float4 color : COLOR, uniform sampler2D testTexture, uniform samplerCUBE environmentMap) { float4 reflectedColor = texCUBE(environmentMap, R); // Really doesn't like this line! float4 decalColor = tex2D(testTexture, texCoord0); color = decalColor; } I get the error when I use cgCreateProgramFromFile(..) If I comment the line out it runs okay...can't see where I'm going wrong. I thought texCUBE(..) is supported with ps1.1. Also, just wondering, if I use D3DDEVTYPE_REF instead of D3DDEVTYPE_HAL does that mean I can check later versions of pixel shader code, e.g. ps2.0 etc, but its done in software and is just very slow? instead of on the graphics card. Thanks for any ideas on this. Thanks, Ben

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