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[web] PHP Help

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Recommended Posts Thanks to anyone who can help on this. The link above points you to a very simple script I need. Basically the database needs to be stored in an array of 5 products. When the item changes it should automatically load the summary and price, then when a person clicks details, more data will show and a contact order form will be loaded, already viewed when details link is chosen. Any help is appreciated, if you have any questions or would like to help you can contact me on AIM: born4BMW, I will be on the entire day working on it. I do not really know PHP at all and this is really important that I get done, I am not asking for all the answers just a little guidance. Thanks Again!!

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First of all, you store the products in the database, not backwards (sorry to be so picky [embarrass])

Now, how do you change the summary? Your easiest option here (and If I understand your question well) is to use javascript. Basically, when index.php is being loaded, you connnect to the database, retrieve the 5 product descriptions, and store 'em into javascript arrays, then you use this info so that everytime the user picks up a different item in the select box, you change the description on the fly.

There used to be a site called Code_Punk that explained this well, but it seems like its down ATM, so, I used google cache (thank you google!)

javascript Arrays
Select Boxes

From the last link, check out the piece "onChange Technique" which is the one should interest you most.

Obviously, theres plenty of JS sites out there, just that I like this one in particular.

And if you knew JS already, my bad [embarrass]
So far I see you've been doing it with a submit button, but if its gonna be just a few products, I think the select box should look better

As for the details part... there are many ways to do this.
The way Id do it, is that everytime the user selects an item, you would rewrite the "details" link, so that it will pass a variable (id?) to new.php, then with that variable you should know what to do in order to show the detailed description.

Hope it helps, cheers

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