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Too many jobs out there.

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So, just out of curiousity, I went to the "Latest Jobs" section of this site. I saw jobs there I didn't even know existed, and nothing quite so aptly named as "Game Designer" or "3D-modeller". So, could someone give a reference, or sit down and explain the many jobs and their differences. If the list is too long, just list some jobs that are typically in the "modelling" or "game designing" department. Thanks for your time. -Zodiac Draw

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From the first page of Game Jobs

Graphics Software Engineer - Programmer, w/ a niche abilties in 3D rendering. Scene Graphs/Shadows/Reflections/HLSL etc

Director Product Development - Manager(Part game designer in this case), helps decide the next product that will be released by the company and to find potential new products.

Senior Windows Game Developer - Programmer/Manager, expected to have 5-10 years expereince in that field doing commercial products. Would essentially architect any new products, work w/ Producer, Game Designers, etc. Usually well paying, but demanding job.

Senior UNIX Server Developer - Programmer/Manager, same deal as above. Different platform. (Linux/FreeBSD(etc)/Unix/ possibly Solaris?). Essentially designing the server backend the above position would be connecting too.

Skipping down a bit, we hit Developer.
Developer is another word for Engineer, Programmer. Seeing that this is from a larger company (Microsoft Corporation) who knows to properly document, you'll end up doing a fair bit of paper pushing (read this to see what i mean,

Project Art Director - Manager. If herding Programmers is like herding cats, herding Artists is like herding monkeys. Basically handing down art tasks and ensuring that they are accomplished. Also setting up policys etc.

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