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Loading BMP from resource

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Well, I dont know about directX9, but this may help.
Windows has a nifty LoadImage function that can either load an image from file or a resource:

First off, you need to create 2 variables, a bitmap object, and a bitmap handle:
HBITMAP BitmapHandle;
BITMAP Bitmap;

Next, you get the handle of the bitmap using the load image function. A link to the online MSDN page on this function is posted below:


HANDLE LoadImage( HINSTANCE hinst, //The Window Handle
LPCTSTR lpszName, //The Name of the Bitmap (or resource ID)
UINT uType, //The Type of Image
int cxDesired, //The Desired Width (0 for all)
int cyDesired, //The Desired Height (0 for all)
UINT fuLoad //Loading Flags

The call to the function would look something like this:

BitmapHandle = (HBITMAP)LoadImage( HInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(ResourceID),

Where HInstance is the instance of the window and ResourceID is the ID of the resource.

Next, you have to get the actual bitmap from the handle, by calling the GetObject Function:


int GetObject(
HGDIOBJ hgdiobj, // handle to graphics object
int cbBuffer, // size of buffer for object information
LPVOID lpvObject // buffer for object information

The call looks like this:
GetObject(BitmapHandle, sizeof(Bitmap), &Bitmap);

As for actually adding the bitmap to the surface, I can't really help you there. In DX7, you create a compatible DC and just Blt the bitmap to the surface. However, in DX9, you might have to use it as a texture.

Make sure to delete the object when you are done with it:


Hope this helped.

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