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Few engine questions

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Hi i have yesterday encapsulated all my classes (camera,timer,XfileLoader,gameStateManager,Keyboard,Mouse..) within Z_Engine class. The way i implemented them is i created those classes as private members of Z_Engine class and use ClassCreate and ClassGet methods for manipulation. 1) Is this good method for encapsulation ? Within Z_Engine i have created a state manager something like article Managing Game States in C++ from . This state manager encapsulate states so every state is selfcontained. So main loop looks like StateManager calling top state functions HandleEvents(),Update(),Draw(). To states can handle a events sent by keyboard and mouse I created a eventHandler , dispatchers classes.The way i implemented a event handling to states is: a)Keyboard class sends events to event dispatcher eventDispatcher->EventAdd(EVENT_KEYBOARD,EVENT_KEYDOWN,i,isShiftPressed); b)EventAdd do the following KeyboardEvents.push_back(new Event(type,arg1,arg2)); c)In main game loop there is EventsSend() which sends all recived events to the registered handlers d)GameState has registered event handler which only do ->EventArray.push_back(*e); f)When GameStateManager calls current state HandleEvents then i process a EventArray for needed events 2)Is there any better solution to eventHandling so i can send events to the event handler without so much copiing around? 3)What is the performance cost of using classes created with new keyword

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