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Programming a GUI - how to determine mouseover/mouseout?

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Hello, I'm programming a GUI library in C++ (using sigc++ for event handling), and I've been wondering about this fairly simple problem. In most GUI systems today the library emits a message for 'mouse over' and 'mouse out', no? However, IIRC this message should only be emitted once, when the mouse is leaving/entering the section. My question is - I can determine when the mouse is on and when the mouse is off, but what is the best way to determine when it has crossed the boundary? Currently I am doing this:
class Widget
    bool m_MouseOver;
And the mouseover/mouseout code checks the variable to determine the status of the widget at the last frame. I'm wondering if there isn't a better (cleaner, more 'correct', 'cooler', whatever) method of achieving this same goal. For example, by storing the previous position of the mouse or something like that. I would really like to hear what your ideas about this may be. Cheers!

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Try using the internal MouseMove event. When the mouse moves, check to see what component/window it is over. Here is some pseudo code to explain:-

bool MouseMoveEventCallBack( CMouse* pMouse )
if ( pMouse == NULL )
return false;
CWindow* pWindow = pMouse->GetCurrentWindow( );

if ( pWindow != NULL )
// is the mouse still on the window?
if ( !pWindow->IsOn( pMouse ) ) {
pWindow->SendMouseOffEvent( )

// get what window/component the mouse is over now
pWindow = CGUI::GetWindowMouseIsOver( pMouse );

// send the MouseOn event if the mouse is over a window/component
if ( pWindow != NULL )
pWindow->SendMouseOnEvent( );

// store the new window
pMouse->SetCurrentWindow( pWindow );
} // end if
return true;
} // end MouseMove

So the mouse stores the window that it is over. When the mouse moves, we check its position. If the mouse is no longer on the window, then we know the it has just left it. So we send the MouseOff event. Then, we check to see what window the mouse has entered. If it is on one, we send the MouseOn event.

NOTE: This is only the theory. A better actual implementation approach would be to have the GUI hander store the mouse's current window. And, depending on how you manage your windows, it would store the window’s name and/or index against the mouse for mouse’s current window.

I hope this helps!

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