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Classical RPG - Arena Quest Redux 3D

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A lot like the Elder Scrolls series, Arena Quest Redux is a classical RPG where you build a character through much customization, grow him or her through many different areas (6 towns with atleast 3 surrounding areas and several dungeons to each area), and finally, test your skills in the Arena. The areas: Ryor (starter town, lots of miners who mine human soul essense for use in the creation of magical scrolls, it's part of the lore) Dajule (dark elf area, near a giant volcano) Aer (tropic area, on an island. Can only be reached by boat, from Dajule) Raven-Sald (empire area, biggest area in the game... It's the central city) Lyrin (light elf area, also a snowy area, it's the most southern villiage) Iron-Kay (in the middle of the desert. it's just a town, really) Everything except textures is completely made by me alone... I've been working on the game for about a week and a half now, and am almost done with the engine, beisdes the battle system and character statistics affecting the world. Here's some screenies of the Ryor area, the only area done right now: You got your basics: Needless to say, this took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. You have the option to choose a sign that enhances your abilities. For instance, Sign of the Elements gives you more elemental casting power The legendary awesome rpg question: The music is all piano, actually. This, I felt gives it uniqueness... though, I can orchestrate well but, I chose not to. The battle system is Final Fantasy style... but active enough. Each enemy has a speed base, as do you, and when their timer is up, they can attack. MSN's if that matters.

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