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Problems saving a progressive mesh (data corruption?)

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Hi, I'm trying to store an optimized (progressive) mesh, using DirectX8. The 'normal' mesh which I use to generate the progressive mesh is 100% valid, saves perfect, and opens perfect in the meshviewer. (and also works great when I make a progressive mesh of it in the viewer) The progressive mesh is generated, and saved correctly. Except the start of the file is completely different. Can someone help me on this? It's hopefully one of the last D3DX mesh function woes which I have to go through. Method 1:
if (FAILED(D3DXGeneratePMesh(myMesh,(DWORD*)m_pAdjacency->GetBufferPointer(),
NULL ,NULL,1000,D3DXMESHSIMP_FACE, &mySPMesh))) OutputDebugString(_T("23. Error"));

// Local declaration 
	IStream* pStream = NULL;
	IStorage* pStorage;
	CComBSTR bsFileName("progressive.x");
	HRESULT hResult;

	STGFMT_STORAGE, 0, NULL, NULL, IID_IStorage, (void**)(&pStorage));

	//// Create stream in the storage
	hResult = pStorage->CreateStream(L"MyStream", STGM_READWRITE | STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE, 0, 0, &pStream);

	// Save PMesh to stream
	hResult = mySPMesh->Save(pStream, NULL, NULL);
Method 2:
WCHAR* filename = _T("file.x"); 
WCHAR streamName[] = L"streamOut"; 


hr = StgCreateDocfile(filename, STGM_CREATE|STGM_WRITE | 
            STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE, 0, &pStorage); 

pStorage->CreateStream(streamName, STGM_CREATE|STGM_WRITE| 
            STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE, 0, 0, &pStream);

	//// Save PMesh to stream
	hResult = mySPMesh->Save(pStream, NULL, NULL);
Start of mesh saved in MeshViewer (progressive mesh):
xof 0303bin 0032
My saved mesh:
ÐÏࡱá (can't paste because of strange blocky things :P)
I am clueless what might be causing this. The progressive mesh is created completely OK.

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