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FlatFrag - Action Shooter (Alpha)

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Hi, for the last few months I've been working on a small network-enabled action shooter. It currently only features multiplayer deathmatches. You look at your player from above and try to kill other players. I post here because I believe that the game has come so far that it's time for testing it extensively. So I put together a release, which should probably be called an alpha version. A short feature list: - 3D graphics using OpenGL - 3D sounds with OpenAL - cross-platform compatible: current release includes Linux and Windows - Open Source (licensed under the GPL) The game's homepage is this: Screenshots of the current version can be found here: And, finally, if you want to download the game, you should look here: Well, I hope someone wants to test it [smile], Johannes Edit: If you find a bug or have an idea for a good feature, you could either e-mail me or post it here right away.

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Very GTA looking, I like [smile]. Give me an hour or so and ill have a play, see if I can pick out some bugs for ya.

Edit: I done it straight away, was easier, a few issues i'm having:

In the Menu: The music will just start repeating the same buffer over and over, just a horrible repeating sound.

In game: The sound stops randomly after a few seconds of playing, no weapon sounds, nothing. Also, hitting Esc will cause a lovely error in Windows.

If it helps here are my system specs:

AMD64 3000+
2x512MB PC3200 RAM
GeForce 6600GT
Windows XP Pro SP2

Anything else just ask [smile]

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Thanks for the quick test. Hm, GTA-like is a good description [smile].

Concerning the music playing in the menu: I know of that bug, but actually I haven't yet cared to fix it, though I guess I have to look into that soon.

I don't have an idea yet, what causes the sound to stop while playing the game. Could you perhaps have a look at the file client.log and check for ERR or WRN lines? You could also send me the file in an e-mail, if you're too lazy. [wink]

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