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Figuring out "true" window size (SOLVED)

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I've got a minor problem here. I'm writing a renderer plugin for a couple of 3d modeling programs and all is well in the world except for one issue. When I create a window to hold my rendering, I am using the measurements of the final image width / height. However, I need to take into account the size of dialog's border / system menu, etc because its chopping off the bottom / side few pixels. Is there a reliable way to calculate how many pixels the menu / border around the window is taking up? I suppose I could probably get the menu's rect, but I am unsure about how to get the dialog frame size. Thanks for any suggestions, moe.ron [Edited by - moeron on August 15, 2005 10:21:47 AM]

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@SiCrane - I don't think GetClientRect will help, let me try to explain a little better.

I have an image that is lets say 300 x 200. Currently when I call CreateWindow I am passing in the 300 x 200 dimension, so my final window is 300 x 200. The problem is the 300x200 is not just the viewable size of the screen, it is the whole size of the window, so some of the bottom and right side of my image gets clipped. I need to know how much space the dialog frame is taking up, because that is how much larger I need to create my window so that everything fits in at once. I'm pretty sure if I call GetClientRect its just going to return the 300 x that doesn't help me.

@DigitalDelusion - I'll look into AdjustWindowRect

Thanks for your quick responses guys,

Edit - The AdjustWindowRect is exactly what I needed, thanks again!

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